It has been sixty years since the First Human-Seljuk War, and in that time, the human race has spread outward through the Orion Spur, encountering life on hundreds of worlds. Most people still live on Earth, but a growing number of expatriates travel among the stars, hoping for adventure, or for glory, or for that one bit of salvaged technology that will make them rich if they can get if back home to Earth.

Battle as mercenaries against the ever-expanding Seljuk Hoard, or serve as security forces aboard a Vindrazi Peacekeeper mission. Stalk prey with the reclusive Hoon, or eat and gamble among the gregarious Tanchrists of Blevin. Trade secrets with the enigmatic Aun, or run blockades for the Arms Masters of Hrastabalak, whose wares are contraband on nearly all civilized planets – but still very much in demand. Dig Kuvarium Hyper-Diamond out of rocky asteroids hurtling through the void of space, carrying the last dead remnants of the star they once orbited. Kick the dust of Earth from your heels, and never look back. There are such wonders to be seen!

Feel free to visit our Home Port station and look around. There’s much to be seen.

Pirates of Orion

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